Living with us

  • Elizabeth Athena's Dream (Tetley)

    We flew to Slovenia in person to pick up Tetley. She is half Slovenian and half French (France). She excels at scent detection and has received her first level title with the SDDA. Born in April of 2015 she has grown slowly and well, turning into a lovely, even tempered dog.

    Coming soon, spring of 2019...

    Watch for our upcoming litter, where we hope to add a new member to our pack.

    Fostered in pet homes

    Gruber von Jersey (formerly Wolfgang)

    Gruber is a lovely plain fawn male, born from Tetley's (Elizabeth Athena's Dream) first litter in June 2017. He will be health tested when he reaches two years of age, to see if he can be a good fit to share with other boxer kennels in Canada and beyond. Since he is from our own lines, he will not be bred back to our dogs, as we outcross for the genetic health of the breed. He is living a happy life with a family with children, to ensure he is well socialized and trained. He is pictured here at 4 months old, already a large boy, growing slow and steady.

    Fostered in pet homes

    Are you interested in fostering? We will have select dogs available for foster (they live as your pet in your home, and we take care of all health testing and breeding requirements). Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this unique way to add a high quality Euro boxer to your home.

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