• This isn't just any boxer.



    We are a small, home-based boxer breeder in Ontario. We breed quality, naturally raised European (German) boxers. We're on a mission to connect people with healthy, strong boxers that more closely reflect their original purpose.


    Our boxer puppies grow up to be loving family pets, living in your home as a valued family member.


    Our lines are exclusively bred from imported European boxers. In North America we refer to them as Euro boxers, in Europe they refer to them as German boxers.


    See below for the boxer lines we love the best, that have built the foundation of our lines.

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    Athena's Dream

    European German boxers from Slovenia.



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    con Tilia

    European German boxers from France.



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    Van de Hazenberg

    European German boxers from Belgium.



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    Kaco Boxers

    European German boxers from Serbia.