Our beliefs about the health and well being of dogs.







  • Fresh Food

    We feed a raw, fresh food diet. We believe in the science that supports the health benefits of a fresh food diet. We encourage our puppy owners to feed a raw or home cooked fresh food diet. Our puppies are weaned onto raw food. They are sent home with instructions on how to continue feeding them an excellent diet. They can expect the diet to bring on shiny, soft coats, great gut health (no boxer gas in our dogs), easy to clean up yards, and strong, healthy bodies at a cellular level.


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    We believe in the health and vitality of our animals, and do not wish to cause them excess harm with over vaccinating. There is ample science to show that minimal (and in some cases no) vaccines are enough to protect the animal for its lifetime. We do recommend seeking the advice of an educated holistic veterinarian to help guide you in your choices with your pets. We are excited to see changes in the veterinary bodies starting - notably with rabies vaccines being considered for dosing by weight instead of a one-size fits all approach. Please use titre testing in place of vaccines for your pets to encourage good health. Your holistic (or regular) veterinarian can perform titre testing for you anytime.

  • Puppy Training

    Our lives with dogs are so much happier when we can communicate what is allowed or not allowed, in order to fit peacefully into our homes. We strongly believe in the power of positive training. It is so important that we offer a rebate to our puppy buyers when they provide proof of having attended puppy classes with a positive based trainer by the time a dog obtained from us is six months old. We would be happy to help you find a trainer near you.


    We train our dogs from before their eyes or ears are even open. Utilizing the Puppy Culture protocols and testing with Volhard puppy aptitude tests, we try to ensure each dog is placed carefully in a matching home. Our foundation girl (Tetley Elizabeth Athena's Dream) is titled in Scent Detection in Canada with the SDDA.

    Boxer Health Testing

    Our breeding dogs are health tested. Hips, spine, eyes, ears, heart, genetic disease. We cover it all. Responsible breeding requires that you do the checks that are available, to the best of our knowledge at the time. It requires that you study the pedigrees of animals to ensure you are passing on good genetic material to future offspring. And it is our belief that 'line breeding' (inbreeding) is not healthy for the animals (science supports this as well). We choose not to line breed our dogs, we out cross whenever possible, to aid in the betterment of the breed as a whole and for the immediate health of each generation.

    Intact Tails and Dewclaws (Natural boxers)


    Our dogs and puppies all retain their natural tails and dewclaws. 


    Tails are important. They have a spinal cord running down into them that we don't want to damage (by cutting off the tail). Tails help dogs communicate with others, they affect how the hips develop, they help with swimming, balancing properly while sitting or doing sports/working. They have a purpose. There is a lot of data out there about tails, here is one article for you to consider.


    Ontario is the only province that still allows ear cropping. In Canada, three provinces has made it illegal for anyone to dock or crop a dog (NS, PEI, NFLD), the veterinarian associations have banned vets from performing docks or crops in three provinces (QC, NB, AB), and the veterinarian associations of the rest of the provinces (minus Ontario) have banned vets from preforming ear crops (BC, MN, SK). The only places in Canada that the government or vet associations have not yet banned cosmetic mutilations are Ontario and the territories. We believe that the remainder of Canada will slowly follow suit with the forward thinkers in 37 other countries, and put an end to routine cosmetic docking and cropping.

    Dewclaws are an active tendon. If you remove the dewclaw you will atrophy muscles in the dog's foot. There is no reason to cause lifelong injury to tendons by removing them. Our dogs retain their dewclaws for strong, healthy tendons that work great running in your yard, jumping for a sleeve, or racing around the agility course.


    When you have a dog with an intact tail and intact dewclaws you will see how much they utilize these body parts, and how fun it is to have a happy wagging tail greeting you at the door each day. Natural is beautiful!